Nail Surgery in Aylesbury

Cherry Feet offer nail surgery for patients who have ingrowing or abnormally shaped toenails that has not responded to conservative treatment.

Ingrowing toenails can be recurring, infected and very painful. The procedure we offer is under local anaesthetic. It is designed to remove the ingrowing section of the nail and permanently prevent regrowth of the ingrowing section by treatment it with phenol. Entire nails can also be removed and regrowth prevented using the same procedure.

The techniques we use, using local anaesthetic, make the procedure as painless as possible. High standards of hygiene and instrument sterilisation are observed to minimise any complications.

Toenail surgery is available to the majority of patients who have problems with painful toenails. The procedure is subject to an assessment in order to ensure there are no medical or surgical reasons for it not be carried out.

The procedure costs between £350 and £400 and includes up to three redressing follow-up visits.