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Chiropody is the professional care and treatment of peoples feet. A chiropodist is a professional trained to treat and prevent foot disorders. Chiropodists provide patients with nail and skin care, conduct nail surgeries using local anesthetics, and prescribe custom insoles and ankle-foot orthoses. Chiropody is often referred to by the more modern term podiatry, there is no difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist. A degree in Podiatry and HCPC (state) registration is required to practice as either a podiatrist or chiropodist.


At Cherry Feet Chiropody and Podiatry we have two HCPC registered podiatrists and a foot health professional in our Aylesbury team. All our practitioners have a degree in podiatry and have extensive chiropody experience. Regular foot health check ups by a qualified Chiropodist can prevent foot health problems before they appear. Nails cutting, corns, verrucae and skin conditions can all be treated by your Chiropodist. This includes diabetic foot advice and treatment. Your Chiropodist can help alleviate foot pains though manual therapies, gait analysis, insoles and muscle stretching and strengthening exercises. Whatever you foot problem, your Chiropodist can help alleviate your suffering and bring relief to your feet.

Call Cherry Feet Chiropody & Podiatry to make your appointment at our Aylesbury Clinic.

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