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Treatments and Costs

Cherry Feet provides a range of Chiropody / Podiatry and Foot Heath treatments from its clinic at Duck Farm Court in Aylesbury. Call 01296 340043 to make an appointment.

Hard skin podiatry foot care Aylesbury
Nail Cutting Aylesbury
Verruca wart treatment Aylesbury
Gait analysis Aylesbury orthotics insoles

Standard Treatment

Basic Nail Care

Verruca Treatment

Biomechanic Assessment





Nail cutting  with corn, callus and hard skin removal. Includes more complex pathologies e.g. fungal nails, ingrown nails and diabetic foot assessments.

Routine nail cutting. This is ideal for diabetics and people having difficulty cutting their nails. Ingrown and thick fungal nails are not considered basic covered in the standard treatment.

Verrucas can sometimes be uncomfortable and hurt when you walk. We can help reduce the discomfort and treat persistent verrucas on both adults and children.

Full biomechanical assessments including gait analysis. This helps us diagnose your foot pain. Treatments include stretching programs, orthotics/insoles and lifestyle advice.

Foot Feet Aylesbury

Double Appointments

£60 - £90

Come with a partner or friend and receive a discount to you total treatment cost.

£60 - 2 x basic nail care 

£90 - 2 x standard treatments

£75 - 1 x nails & 1 x standard

shockwave Aylesbury heel pain

Shockwave Therapy


Shockwave is non-invasive and stimulates the body's natural healing process. It can relieve pain and promote healing of injured tendons and ligaments. We use this for heel and tendon pain.

Nail Surgery Aylesbury

Ingrown Nail Surgery


Surgical removal of painful ingrown toenails under local anaesthetic. The procedure aims to remove the area of ingrowing nail, so there is no regrowth. We include three aftercare follow up redressing appointments.

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